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Wheels Up in 18 Hours (the last 5 things)

Just a little town in France on my last trip

I've been packed since last night. The only thing that's not in my new Briggs and Riley is my pillow. Final preparations are as follows;

1. Avoid jetlag. Tonight I am trying to stay awake until 3am at least so that I'm somewhat on the new schedule and most importantly, so that I can try to get some sleep on the plane. We will see how that goes.

2. Exercise before the flight. If I can do some yoga in the morning and go for a long walk in the sunshine tomorrow afternoon before the flight, I think I will be physically prepared for 10 hours in a pressurized cabin. I also plan to do some "airplane yoga" on board. Note to self; find "airplane yoga' on youtube and bookmark.

3. Drink lots of water. I'm pre-hydrating, if that's a thing. Also, I am bringing my collapsible water bottle for the plane.

4. Meditate. There will be "adventures" as I like to call the unexpected that happens while traveling. Meditation helps me be calm when "adventures" happen.

5. Give lots of love and hugs to my daughter. It's really hard to leave her. She's been very expressive about missing me and I know I will miss her too. We're planning to spend some time together before she drops me at the airport, and that will take some of the sting out of leaving, but to be very vulnerable here, it's bittersweet. While I want to go, I don't want to leave her. It's hard sometimes, following your dreams, when others can't come with you. She said something so wise a few days ago. "Make it worth all of this. (Missing each other.)

I will, my dear. I will. I have art to experience and new things to learn. I'll be editing and revising my novel and I will be sketching and painting and, I hope, learning how to relax.

I wish you were coming with me, but the next best thing is I plan to write you all the good stuff.

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