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I'm so honored to be here...

After three traumas in three years, I had to re-examine my life. If we are put on earth to serve, how can I serve? I used to think it had to be something grand; End World Hunger! Cause World Peace!


But after a lifetime of allowing myself to be distracted from the gifts I'd been given, I now understand that the dream of serving others is contained in the answers to two simple questions:


What is the greatest need in the world that I have the skills, time, and passion to fulfill?

And the other is; Why would you have a talent if you weren't meant to serve the world with it?


I submit my journey for your consideration. It is my sincere hope that these words will inform, enlighten, and entertain.


Since when I was a child no one told me that the writing that I loved to do was an actual job (and therefore was worthwhile,) now every day writing is a battle fought and won against those forces that would discourage the dream of a little girl who wanted to serve the world through her art. 

Through living as an artist abroad in the countryside of France then in Paris, I applied some of the teachings put forth in the book "The 4-Hour Workweek" by Tim Ferris, while navigating expat life and attempting to make a life "living art." Instead of working in retail, I learned the discipline of working from home as I honed my craft.

Now that coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the fabric of our daily lives, and "work from home" is what we are all doing, I offer this blog to you as diversion and as inspiration. The Art Grand Tour is at your service. I strive to place before you articles from which will put a little joy on your face, and if you do get some joy on your face, please share them. The more pleasure there is in the world, the happier the world becomes. 


The Pain and the Passion; My Life as an Artist in Paris (an excerpt) Chapter One; The Move

April 13, 2020

The Fire of Notre Dame

April 16, 2019

The 10,000 Year Art Project, a New Cave

March 6, 2019

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